The mission of OME is to provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions to our Clients around the world, thereby contributing to an improvement in the quality of life of the beneficiaries of our projects and the development of their communities and countries.

Each project is designed to meet the full satisfaction of our clients and is executed in accordance with our commitments to society.

OME’s commitment to quality, the environment and a safe working environment is set out in the "Quality, Environment and HSE Policy" and is implemented based on the criteria of the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards.

Committed to the social environment

Committed to the social environment

We make every effort to create secure, well-paid employment based on equal opportunities and non-discrimination, thereby enabling us to generate wealth and well-being.

We are engaged in promoting the professional and personal development of all our employees, through training.

We actively defend human and labour rights recognised by different international organisations; we guarantee equal opportunities and treatment, free of any discrimination based on gender, ideology, religion or any other circumstance or condition of a social or individual nature.

We are committed to safety and health in the workplace, and we provide a safe and stable environment and conduct regular reviews of our occupational risk prevention measures.

OME is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 for quality management, according to ISO 45001: 2018 for safety and health at work and according to ISO 14001: 2015 for environmental protection.

Committed to the natural environment

Committed to the natural environment

We minimise the impact of our activities and are firmly committed to the fight against climate change, respect for biodiversity and the efficient use of energy and water resources.

Committed to quality

Committed to quality

We operate pursuant to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, focusing our efforts on the continuous improvement and sustainability of all the tasks comprising our activity.

Commitment to ethics and integrity

Commitment to ethics and integrity

We grow in a responsible and prudent manner, managing resources in the most efficient way possible in the pursuit of the development of the company.

We ensure our activities are conducted in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics and with a resolute intent to comply with the laws in force.

Makiber’s management and the Senior Management of OME are firmly committed, in line with the commitment of the ACS Group, to continue building awareness among all employees, of the need to comply with the law and uphold MAKIBER's values.

OME adheres to Makiber's policies and protocols, implements them, applies them in all its business activities and demands the same commitment from its business partners.

For this reason Makiber has implemented the Criminal Compliance Management System based on the UNE 19601: 2017 standard, which was supplemented by the certification of the anti-bribery management system based on the ISO 37001: 2016 standard (IQNet) (Aenor) , to which OME has also committed.

More information

In this context and in order to meet this goal Makiber has published the following documents internally:

  • Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Code of Conduct for Business Partners
  • Anti-Corruption Plan
  • Crime Prevention Manual
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Policy on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies
  • Privacy Policy
  • Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Complaints Processing Procedure
  • Regulatory Compliance Protocol
  • Professional Courtesy Manual

The design of the Regulatory Compliance Programme includes and implements good practices for the prevention of criminal risks and the promotion of ethical business behaviour, consistent with the requirements of the Criminal Code.

Anyone with knowledge or a well-founded suspicion of any type of infringement or illegal activity can report it using the following electronic mail address: canaletico@makiber.com or the following postal address: Canal Etico, OME COMPLIANCE OFFICER, Frankgasse 4/20, 1090 Vienna, Austria.

The aforementioned channels may also be used as a means to clarify any doubts in relation to the Regulatory Compliance Programme.